cctv systems




Our iSecured CCTV Systems are now an affordable solution for any homeowner. Our professionally installed CCTV is an immediate deterrent to an intruder or vandal, allowing new levels of control for the protection of your home and family. When connected to the iSecured cloud via an app on your smart phone, you will be able to view all of your cameras from any location in the world. When you are away from home on holiday or business, your CCTV system will be recording in the background, allowing you to playback up to 31 days of recording.



iSecured CCTV cameras produce High Resolution video and come with a SSAIB certificate of conformity.


All of our CCTV systems come with a 12 month warranty which can be extended to 5 years if you take out one of our low cost maintenance contracts.


Your system will consist of the number of cameras you agreed with your account manager, along with a network video recorder with 31 days of recording.


Our intelligent systems only store images when movement is present, and we can even program the system to email or text you if there is activity in a particular area within the camera’s view. Our iSecured CCTV system can notify you when your children are home safe, check on elderly relatives or simply let you know when a delivery has arrived. With the iSecured app on your smart phone you can view your premises or playback video anytime of the day or night.

frequently asked questions

When you have decided on your iSecured system, your account manager will organise a convenient installation date. Most installations should take no more than a morning or an afternoon.

All of our iSecured systems are guaranteed for 12 months. This includes all parts and labour. If after 12 months you choose to take out one of our comprehensive maintenance contracts, then you will be covered for a further 4 years parts and labour, including replacement batteries.

Technical Support is available 24/7 all the while you are under guarantee or have a maintenance contract with us.

We provide a call out service for our contract customers on a 24/7 basis. If you choose not to take out one of our competively priced maintenance agreements then you can book an engineer on a time and materials basis.